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Awareness products for children with allergies


Ordering items online is straightforward.

  1. Browse the list of items available to order.
  2. Click on one you're interested in and you will be presented with information about that product.
  3. If you would like to buy, select the quantity and click on the Add to Basket button
  4. You will be informed that "This item has been added to your shopping cart"
  5. Click on "Shop for More" to add more items, "Shopping Basket" to view your current order or "Check Out" to complete the order process.
  6. If you selected "Shopping Basket", you can "Remove" the item or change the quantity ordered.
  7. If you selected "Check Out" you need to enter your name, address and other details and then press the "Process Order" button at the bottom of the page. If you missed any required fields you will be prompted by the browser to correct your entry.
  8. Our secure credit card processing system is now live. Clicking on Process Order will transfer you to our secure server area hosted by Worldpay who will accept your credit card details and confirm the transaction. If you do not wish to pay by using our online credit card processing system please call us for different payment options.

Trouble Shooting

Like most e-commerce programs, the Shopping Basket works by creating a 'Cookie' on your computer, which normally lives in the Windows/Cookies directory. If your browser is set to prevent cookies being set, you will need to change your browser settings and restart the browser for the cookie to be created normally.


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