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Awareness products for children with allergies
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Awareness products for children with allergies

At Kidsaware, we help you prevent allergic reactions in a child friendly and practical way. We have a range of allergy awareness products that help everyone recognise your child’s special dietary needs.

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Special Promotions

Check out our new product range on which is run by Kidsaware but caters for adults, teens and kids. Same great products you know and trust but lots of new ranges added.

Helpful Information

Allergy Information Check out our Allergy Topics with lots of great tips on managing allergies in creche & school, birthday parties, travelling & more!

New Asthma Range!
Special Promotions

ABC to be Asthma Free, Asthma Wristbands & Asthma Inhaler Cases

Asthma Alert Wristband that kids love to wear! Ensure they have their Asthma inhaler at all times with our Inhaler Skins or Sports Inhaler holder. Asthma friendly soft toys in stock! ABC to be Asthma Free a childs picture book guide to Buteyko Breathing


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MedBag - Medicine Carry Bag - Regular

MedBag is a portable, durable bag that allows children to carry essential medicines such as EpiPenŽ, Anapens or Jext, Asthma Inhaler and small spacer and antihistamine with emergency action plans.



Kids Epipen Pen Case - Blue

Getting your child to carry their adrenaline pens & inhaler is easy with these cool cases!
-Insulated to cushion & protect pens
- Holds 2 EpiPen, Anapen or Jext auto injectors



Multi Allergy Sticker

New general purpose sticker to help your child avoid the foods that they are allergic to. These long lasting shiny finished stickers are waterproof and microwave safe. Use them on lunchboxes, drinking cups, clothing books and bags.



Epipen Pouch - Sports (Arm/Leg) Black

For sports enthusiasts an easy way to carry your Epipen, Anapen or Jext while you enjoy your sports activity safely. Made out of soft breathable neoprene material it can be worn comfortably on your arm or leg all day. Holds two EpiPen, AnaPen, Jext or Twinject. Black pouch, suitable for adults & kids.



Insulated Medical Waist Bag - Red

New Insulated Waist Bag in red - Easy holds and protects your EpiPen, AnaPen, Jext or Twinject auto injector. Lots of room to also carry Antihistamine, Asthma Inhalers or anything else you need. It is made from a high quality rugged material that won't let you down.



Write on Allergy Wristband

Fabulous new 'I Have Allergies wristband' with a special panel on the inside that you can write allergy and contact information on using a standard ballpoint pen.


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