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Awareness products for children with allergies

Living With Allergies

Anaphylaxis Campaign Help for Schools

Research indicates that as many as one in 70 UK children may be allergic to peanuts. Occasionally the symptoms are severe and they may even be life-threatening. Other foods, such as egg, milk, fish, tree nuts and kiwifruit are also implicated.

The good news is that even the most severe form of allergy (anaphylaxis) is very definitely manageable. The vast majority of the children affected are happily accommodated in mainstream schools thanks to good communication among parents, school staff, doctors and education authorities. With sound precautionary measures and support from the staff, school life may continue as normal for all concerned.

Sources of help and information

The Campaign's AllergyWise online training programme is a key source of help. Click here for details.

The basic information schools need is covered in our fact sheet Frequently Asked Questions in Schools.

Children who are considered to be at risk of life-threatening allergic reactions are prescribed adrenaline injectors and school staff may be asked to be trained to administer them. For information on adrenaline injectors, click here.

Key recommendations on the management of allergic children were produced in 2010 by a task force made up of allergy experts from 12 key European institutions, with input from organisations that included the Anaphylaxis Campaign. Click here.

School catering

The Anaphylaxis Campaign has provided useful tips for caterers in general and many of these can be applied to the school scenario.


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